Research and Development

CAP invests in research and development, on the search for new production technologies, aiming at the market grow and full compliance with the consumers’ new demands.

Since 2003 together with the Instituto Agronômico (IAC), CAP participates on the research program designated to the genetic improvement of peanut cultivars. This partnership aims at making the activities of genetic improvement more dynamic, testing ate the agricultural level the new cultivars obtained, evaluating its commercial qualities, expand and spread their seeds.

During this period IAC get and register already on the MAPA (Ministério da Agricultura, Pecuária e Abastecimento) 8 new cultivars to the commercial production. From this genetic material, the 4 recent cultivars deserve to be highlighted, from the Runner type and of a high agronomic performance, and that have the characteristic of being “high oleic”. This characteristic is related to the highest level of oleic acid, component of the oil present on grains.

While the traditional cultivars have 40 to 50% of this acid, the "high oleic" peanuts have about 80%. The oleic acid is important for the conservation of the product, making it more durable, expanding its shelf life. As a result of this partnership, the producers have access to the seeds of these cultivars with high quality and varietal purity, assuring its competitiveness on the peanut market.