Experience, technology and innovation: another guarantee to the consumer

With over 25 years of experience in peanuts production, combining state-of-the-art technology and continuous innovations, CAP is a reference by the quality of its commercialized products. This commitment and entrepreneurship make it possible that the company holds nowadays an outstanding position on the peanuts’ production and exportation.

Excellence on the process aiming the complete quality

CAP preferentially invests in production quality process and has strictly controls that ensure the excellence levels on its process ad products, aiming at meeting the demands of the market. CAP quality program is focused in providing a safe food and therefore, the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), Operational Hygiene Patterned Procedures (OHPP) and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) are followed since the peanut receiving until the final product. The electronic grain production and selection are performed by state-of-art equipment and the visual inspection improves the selection process, allowing the monitoring and guarantee of product quality. Just like the grain selection, the packing and weighing process are performed electronically.

Total traceability, from the Field to the final consumer

The total traceability is possible, for the field history is kept on all the steps of the production. Labels with bar codes summarized all the peanut history, ensuring the product traceability from the field to the final consumer.

Quality in first placer

CAP’s quality policy has as the main objective ensures the food safety and health. The quality is strictly evaluated in all the process steps, covering from seed production to delivery of the product to the client. All lots are sampled and analyzed on their own labs, and still counts with analyses certificates issued by international authorized labs.

Strategic partnership available to the clients

Due to the increased demand and aiming at its product and service quality, CAP established strategic partnerships and invested in a proper logistic system. The planning creation was structured in a way that containers stuffing are carried out at the company, being strictly inspected by certifying companies, another quality product guarantee to the clients.

Collaborators qualification and development

CAP invests on collaborators qualification and development, aiming at ensuring that is clients always purchase the best products. The success achieved is a reflection of the effort and motivation of all collaborators in provide products with the highest quality to the more demanding consumers. Dimensions